Headache Types Causes

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Headache Types:-
Red wine headache, Idiopathic intracranial hypertension, Toxic headache, Ictal headache, Brain freeze, Thunderclap headache, Spinal headache, vascular headache, Coital cephalalgia, Hemicrania continua, Rebound headache, Hangover.

Here is a list of things that can cause one of those badly painful headaches that make you want to end your suffering for good.

1. A Train Horn being honked within 10-15 feet of you.
2. Writing all day.
3. Staring at a computer screen all day under fluorescent lighting.
4. Playing too much video game.
5. Watching too much television.
6. Reading all day.
7. Sleeping in room full of dust, mold, rust, or signs of asbestos.
8. Talking too much on your cell phone or falling asleep on the phone.
9. Eating too much ice cream.
10. Not eating anything all day.
11. Dealing with incessant baby cries.
12. Temperature changes in the air.
13. Exposing you to headphones and speakers for a long period of time.
14. Going to a heavy metal concert.
15. Getting hit in the head hard.
16. Too much caffeine.
17. Suffering from a brain tumor.
18. being cross-eyed.
19. Getting hit in the head or body frequently.
20. Lack of sleep.
21. Painting for too long of a period with toxic paints.
22. Smoking too many cigarettes.
23. Standing on your head for too long.
24. Driving for way too long.
25. Singing in concert for hours on end.
26. Sniffing intoxicating gases.
27. Being exposed to harmful gases and chemicals.
28. Being trapped in a shopping mall with loud, annoying teenagers.
29. Being confined to cell walls.
30. Taking prescription medications.