Choose the Best Residential Weight Loss Programs

Residential weight loss programs allow you to spotlight on yourself and losing weight, along with educating the healthy habits that will aid you keep the weight loss. Unfortunately, the price of a residential weight loss program makes it complex for many people to listen. However, if you have the money, this can be a big way to jump-start your diet. Find the fit camp that's right for you.

Ask about the food supplied. Diverse weight loss programs offer different types of diets. For example, you may see that few camps will have you following a firm vegan diet and lets you to eat as much as you want, few another camp offers a limited range of foods, but controls how much you eat. Some short-period weight loss centers supply only liquid diet.

Focus at the activity offerings. Learning exercise is going to be another big division of a weight loss program. If you like to spend more time there, you need to search one or more activities you like.

Find an effective weight loss camp with people like you. Evaluate the fee per day. To exactly compare the cost, you should calculate it on a single basis, because the duration of the program varies.

Effective Fat Burning Workouts for all Ages

Weight Gain nightmare always starts from belly, while weight loss success also starts there. There is a scientific saying that "fat people gain belly fat first". It's always easier to attack an enemy's weak point and the same thing applies here too. Your abdomen should be your first target to lose weight.

There are three categories of fat in our body:

1. Blood fat

2. Subcutaneous fat

3. Omentum fat

Omentum fat is the reason for the increasing waistline because it's closer to the stomach and other organs. Since its closer, the excess fat is always supplied to Omentum fat. Apart from changing our body shape, it also affects our stomach, lungs, heart and other organs. That is the reason that most of the health professionals advice us to manage our middle section. Omentum fat starts reducing once we start losing weight.

Aerobic exercise and sit-ups would be the best combination to get rid of Omentum fat. Sit-ups helps to reduce your abdominal muscles and produce a sexy stomach. Some might think that in order to reduce weight, we need to do fat burning workouts. So the perfect approach would be a combination of sit-ups + aerobic exercise. Sit-ups strengthens your abdominal muscles, increases flexibility and improve your posture. Aerobic exercise is one of the best fat burning

workouts that burns lots of calories and reduces fat. Some other fat burning workouts are:

Table Tennis: The swing motion of racket is driven by the waist and abdominal muscles, which burns 192 calories every 30 minutes.

Yoga: Yoga posture shapes your back and abdominal muscles, burns 200 calories every 30 minutes.

Taekwondo: Taekwondo kicks helps you shed waist and abdominal fat, burns 312 calories every 30 minutes.

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New Device to Cut down Dialysis Risk

Johns Hopkins University graduate students have invented a device to reduce the risk of infection, clotting and narrowing of the blood vessels in patients who need blood-cleansing dialysis because of kidney failure.

The device, designed to be implanted under the skin in a patient's leg, would give a technician easy access to the patient's bloodstream and could be easily opened and closed at the beginning and end of a dialysis procedure.

The students learned about the need for such a device last year while accompanying physicians on hospital rounds as part of their academic program. They watched as one doctor performed a procedure to open a narrowed blood vessel at a kidney patient's dialysis access site. They learned that this narrowing was a common complication facing kidney patients.

To address these problems, the students developed an access port that can be implanted in the leg beneath the skin, reducing the risk of infection. The Hemova Port's two valves can be opened by a dialysis technician with a syringe from outside the skin. The technician can similarly close the valves when the procedure is over, an approach that helps avoid infection and clotting. The device also includes a simple cleaning system, serving as yet another way to deter infections.

Currently, most dialysis access sites are in the arm or the heart. The Hemova device instead is sutured to the leg's femoral vein, avoiding the unnaturally high blood flows that cause vessel narrowing when dialysis machines are connected to veins and arteries in the arm.

Food Which Makes You Old Quickly

That is not the delicious bratwurst, chips, cookies, steak or soft drinks like lemonade and cola tried. All these foods can indeed give you the feeling and joy but try to start thinking twice, not to eat these foods too often. According to nutrition experts, the type of food as it can accelerate the aging process.

The database contains most of the dietary fat and sugar content is very high, resulting in negative effects on the body. Here are seven types of food / drinks after a nutritionist who will quickly become:

Soft Drinks

These drinks have high sugar and low in nutrients. Sugar in these drinks can also lead to overweight, increasing the risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Research on nutrition expert at the Harvard School of Public Health was conducted, a can of soft drink every day has been, a person can cause a gain of 7 kg per year.


The NI it was very tasty, but unfortunately, according to new research in Europe, these foods may cause cancer risk. The culprit is that of N-nitroso substances that are carcinogenic. This substance is formed when nitrite is mixed with other ingredients of processed meat.

In addition, the sausage is usually made from lean meat. Chemicals and other additives in the organ block can anyone work harder to neutralize.


Coffee contains caffeine. The most important thing, not many people know caffeine is the substance proved to increase as stress hormones and their effect can last for hours after eating.

In fact, one of the greatest contributions to premature aging of the stress hormone cortisol is called. Cortisol levels, which bounces muscle fatigue, which excludes a rapid decline.

Chips and French Fries

Food is processed by frying at high temperatures and triggers the formation of trans fatty acids fatty kind. Habit of eating foods with trans fats is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease.


These foods are high in sugar, which can lead to obesity. Pastry is also often made with hydrogenated oils contain trans fats.

Hydrogenated oil is obtained by adding hydrogen to liquid oils to make it more compact and easier to store. But this chemical process also creates trans fats. Examples of this process are hydrogenated fats margarine or butter.

Trans fat increases the risk of heart disease than saturated fats are growing because they can not remove the good cholesterol (LDL) cholesterol and bad cholesterol (HDL) in blood. In addition, the combination of sugar and trans fats will the pancreas and liver work harder.

According to experts, the organs do not work harder forcing the means to invite free radicals. When the anti-aging food intake is not sufficient to fight free radicals, which means that the age of the body faster and more susceptible to disease.

Red Meat

Red meat contains proteins that are important for tissue repair. However, eating too much animal protein can cause calcium loss from bones, invites the risk of osteoporosis. Some studies show that protein intake high poliartritis occurs in middle age to inflammation, inflammation in more than one type of seal attached.

Rice and White Bread

These foods contain little fiber, so in the category of foods with high glycemic index. Such food digested and absorbed into the bloodstream quickly, causing levels of blood sugar rise very quickly.

This will change the cell and mature more quickly which reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, gall bladder, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and some cancers. Other foods high in mashed potatoes glkemik Index, wheat, sugar and processed cereals.

Ways to Reduce Toxins in House

Healthy living is not only a clean and beautiful, but also free of toxins. Much of the research has shown that this chemical is slightly toxic substances in our environment and our country, such as pain and the carpet.

Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE) reported exposure to chemical agents, various health problems in children, causing asthma, cancer, developmental disorders and birth defects. For this CPCHE issued five recommendations to reduce exposure to toxins at home.

Wiping the dust

Be diligent in wiping the dust off your furniture with a damp cloth, because dust is a major source of exposure to toxic substances. Wipe is the dust with a dry cloth is not recommended because it flows into the air.

"The house dust is the major source of exposure to toxic substances at home, including lead, even at very low level," says Bruce Lanphear, Children's environmental health expert at Simon Fraser University, Canada.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

CPCHE recommend switching to a cleaner that is nontoxic. Since the use of baking soda to clean the sink or bathtub. Vinegar mixed with water, is a surefire formula for cleaning various surfaces, including windows and flooring.

Scientists said the polishing is not necessary to work cleaning lady. In addition to an air freshener is also best avoided. To wash, choose fragrance-washing and avoiding perfume spree dryer because this product may contain harmful chemicals.

Home improvement with appropriate

Renovation project at home can be a source of toxic exposure for children and pregnant women, since the components could be used by colors, adhesives spread a toxic gas.

Ideally, you and your family have temporarily moved out of the house is being renovated. But if only a partial renovation, it is advisable, the area that was renovated with the meeting to cover to avoid dust and other pollutants.

CPCHE recommend switching to a cleaner that is nontoxic. Since the use of baking soda to clean the sink or bathtub. Vinegar mixed with water, is a surefire formula for cleaning various surfaces, including windows and flooring.

Scientists said the polishing is not necessary to work cleaning lady. In addition to an air freshener is also best avoided. To wash, choose fragrance-washing and avoiding perfume spree dryer because this product may contain harmful chemicals.

Careful use of plastic

CPCHE recommended to ignore the term "microwave" and never plastic containers or plastic wrap in the microwave should be as harmful chemicals will leach from plastic into food.

Place the food in glass or ceramic and the consumption of fresh food as possible. The chemicals used in plastics, especially bisphenol A (BPA) has been shown that it is dangerous because it interferes with brain development and function of hormones.

In addition, it is also advisable to avoid toys, PVC (vinyl) to contain, especially if the child still likes to bite. These chemicals include phthalates that are banned from use in toys in the U.S. since June 2011.

Reduction of mercury

Mercury is a metal that is toxic to the brain. This material is often found in several species of fish and shellfish. Make sure memiilih fish, especially in polluted water.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

The causes of high blood pressure - there are several things a person has high blood pressure. There are factors to high blood pressure, which can not be controlled. It is also, you can control, so that it can cope with the disease pressure. Some of these factors, among others, due to heredity, age, food intake, and so on.


This factor can not control. If a parent or relative of someone who has high blood pressure, then it is likely that he suffered from high blood pressure is higher. Statistics show that the problem of high blood pressure is not higher for identical twins are twins as identical. One study showed that this derivative evidence of a gene for high blood pressure problems.


This factor can not control. Research shows that age increases a person's blood pressure rises. We can not expect your blood pressure is the same when I was younger as you age. But you can control to get there, not the upper limit of normal.


These factors you can control. Salt can increase blood pressure quickly and some people, especially diabetics, people with mild hypertension, people with old age, and those who were black.


These factors you can control. Excess fat in the blood can cause cholesterol deposits in artery walls. This can constrict blood vessels and increases blood pressure. Take control of your cholesterol levels as soon as possible.


These factors you can control. The caffeine in coffee drinks, tea or cola can cause high blood pressure.

Obesity / overweight

These factors you can control. People who weigh more than 30 percent of ideal body weight are likely to suffer from high blood pressure.


These factors you can control. Stress and emotions are not stable conditions can also cause hypertension.


These factors you can control. Smoking can also raise blood pressure is high. Smoking can increase the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Therefore, the habit of smoking, to continue if it has high blood pressure continues to be a very dangerous combination, the disease that causes heart and blood.


These factors you can control. Excessive alcohol consumption also causes high blood pressure.

Poor Sport

These factors you can control. Lack of exercise and movement, blood pressure increases in the body. Regular exercise can make your blood pressure, but do not do vigorous exercise if you have high blood pressure.

Cooking with Oil is Healthiest or Not

Almost everyone uses oil in some sort of meal. Although there are a variety of types to choose from, depending on the food and flavor of your dish, most oils can come with an additional fatty side and are not necessarily healthy for your body. Also, due to each oil having a different smoking temperature, to reap the benefits some oils are best used in salads. Below are a list of popular oils and the ones you should stay away from.

Canola oil: This oil is made from the seeds of genetically modified rapeseed. Initially designed for routine use of herbicides during production, Canola generally won’t be labeled organic. The high level of monounsaturated fats found in its base helps to reduce “unhealthy” LDL cholesterol and instead increase “healthy” HDL cholesterol.

Olive oil: By mechanically pressing olives this oil is produced in large quantities. It offers great protection against heart disease by raising HDL cholesterol. Olive oil should not be used for cooking because it has a low smoking temperature, which means it can alter the flavor of the food.

Peanut oil: Unfortunately many brands are chemically processed, but if you are interested, expeller-pressed brands can be found at specialty stores and onlhne. The high smoke point makes it great for frying and the nutty taste leaves a delicate flavor in many dishes. Peanut oil is also high in monounsaturated fats like olive oil.

Sesame oil: This oil is high in polyunsaturated fats and Vitamin E. Although it is used primarily for cooking it can also be used for skin and hair care. Sesame oil also contains two powerful antioxidants, sesamol and sesamin.

Ghee: This Indian staple is used in many dishes and makes a great alternative to other oils. The clarified butter is a wonderful source of beta-carotene and vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Coconut oil: people tend to rave over the benefits of Coconut oil and it’s for good reason. By stimulating the thyroid gland, the oil helps to lower cholesterol, making it essential for preventing disease and slowing the way our body’s age. Coconut oil has 40% of lauric acid, human body takes this acid and fights bacterial and viral infections in infants and also can help strengthen the immune system in adults.

Women Reproductive Health

Reflections on the concept of women's reproductive health
Health development is to improve community health. To achieve this goal, a high level of health, the health of women as beneficiaries, family members and health care providers should have a role to play in the family, so that children grow up in adulthood as a healthy young generation. Therefore, women receive attention because:

1- Women with specific health problems of men who are not related to the reproductive side

2- Women's health directly affects the health of children conceived and born.

3- Women's health is often forgotten, and it was just as objects in the name of "development" as the program of family planning and birth control.

4- Women's issues in reproductive health have become among Indonesian International agreed agenda on the outcome of the Conference on Reproductive Health and Population (Beijing and Cairo).

5- based on the idea of ​​women's health is the most important aspects because of their impact on children's health. Therefore, in women the freedom to determine what their needs are best suited for himself, he had decided on their own.

Definition of women's reproductive health.

After the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995 and Population and Development in Cairo in 1994 Koperensi was agreed in the field of human reproduction. In this case (Cholila, 1996) found that the four main points contained in the female reproductive organs, namely:

1- Reproductive and sexual health (reproductive and sexual health)
2- Determination of reproductive decisions (reproductive decision making)
3- Equality between men and women (gender equality and equal treatment between men and women)
4- Security and sexual reproduction (sexual and reproductive safety)

The definition of the importance of reproductive health that have been internationally accepted, ie a state of physical, mental, social, complete in all aspects of systems, functions and processes of reproduction. It was also found that the production rights on the recognition of human rights for all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number of children, imprisoned children, and the birth of their child is to be based.

Indicators of women's issues in reproductive health.

In terms of reproductive health in more depth, not only as an understanding of the clinical (medical), but could also include the social (the community). On balance, the goal of overall health, quality of life is very good. The evolution of social and economic conditions, particularly in developing countries to improve the quality of life and more poverty, worse, indirectly, the reproductive health of women.

Indicators for reproductive health problems of women in Indonesia, including:

The roles of men and women by gender in different cultures. Gender as a social construct affects health, and because of the different roles in an intercultural context: the level of women's health also vary.

Poverty, among other causes:
* Foods that are not eating enough or malnutrition
* Inventory is less water, sanitation and inadequate housing.
* The service not always good.

Low level of education.
Poverty affects the chance to get an education. Opportunity for schools is not the same for everyone, but depends on the ability to pay. In difficult situations, the cost is usually the boys are preferred because the man seen as the main breadwinner. When it is not only an influential indicator of poverty but also gender-specific impact on education. The level of education influences the level of health. Educated people generally have a greater understanding of health issues and prevention. Minimum, a properly trained person can find a hole, be careful, and participated in decisions in the family and society.

In developing countries, including Indonesia, is an early marriage for women is still a lot (usually under the age of 18 years). That's a lot of cultures, if you do not get married at a certain age, are deemed not to consider selling. It is also due to factors of poverty, parents take their children to marry soon, their responsibilities and handed the child to the wife of her husband. This means that young women at high risk of pregnancy at the time of delivery. Moreover, the risk of mortality is two times higher than women who marry at the age of 20 years. Other effects, it dropped out of school, which was finally the husband, both in the economic process and decision making.

Malnutrition and poor health.
According to the WHO in developing countries like Indonesia, about 450 million women are not perfect because of malnutrition among children because of poverty. When a rich culture determines that the husband and the boys get a lot of parts and the best and last the mother to eat the rest of the existing. Menstruating women, because he will need more food than men, to replace the blood. Substance that is needed is iron, which is three times larger than the needs of people. In addition, women also need more iodine than men, this deficiency causes goiter harmful to fetal development, both physically and mentally. Women are also highly susceptible to various diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, because of their work or their organs are different from men. One of the most difficult situation is that women's work is always with water, such as washing, cooking, and so connected. As we all know water is very dangerous in the way of transmission of bacterial diseases.

The workload is heavy.
Women work far longer hours than men, several studies have been conducted worldwide, women work on average three hours. As a result, women have little time to rest, the higher the incidence of chronic fatigue, stress and so on. Women's health affects not only on time.

Researchers Discover New Drug to Treat Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

A team of engineers and scientists at the University of British Columbia has developed a device that can be implanted behind the eye for controlled and on-demand release of drugs to treat retinal damage caused by diabetes.

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss among patients with diabetes. The disease is caused by the unwanted growth of capillary cells in the retina, which in its advanced stages can result in blindness.

The lead authors are recent PhD mechanical engineering graduate Fatemeh Nazly Pirmoradi, and Mechanical Engineering Assoc. Prof. Mu Chiao, who studies nanoscience and microelectromechanical systems for biological applications. The co-authors are Prof. Helen Burt and research scientist John Jackson at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences researched,

A current treatment for diabetic retinopathy is laser therapy, which has side effects, among them laser burns or the loss of peripheral or night vision. Anti-cancer drugs may also used to treat the disease. However, these compounds clear quickly from the bloodstream so high dosages are required, thus exposing other tissues to toxicity.

Key to UBC's innovation is the ability to trigger the drug delivery system through an external magnetic field. The team accomplished this by sealing the reservoir of the implantable device -- which is no larger than the head of a pin -- with an elastic magnetic polydimethylsiloxane (silicone) membrane. A magnetic field causes the membrane to deform and discharge a specific amount of the drug, much like squeezing water out of a flexible bottle.