Study Proposes, People Learn While They Sleep

People may be learning while they're sleeping -- an unconscious form of memory that is still not well understood, according to a study by Michigan State University researchers.

"We speculate that we may be investigating a separate form of memory, distinct from traditional memory systems," said Kimberly Fenn, assistant professor of psychology and lead researcher on the project. "There is substantial evidence that during sleep, your brain is processing information without your awareness and this ability may contribute to memory in a waking state."

In the study of more than 250 people, Fenn and Zach Hambrick, associate professor of psychology, suggest people derive vastly different effects from this "sleep memory" ability, with some memories improving dramatically and others not at all. This ability is a new, previously undefined form of memory.

"This is the first step to investigate whether or not this potential new memory construct is related to outcomes such as classroom learning," Fenn said.



Why Women Need Fitness Training?

Fitness is definitely needed for both men and women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But when it comes to losing weight, both these genders have different requirements. Both men and women should not follow the same workout strategy because their body type is different.

Women can also go for strenuous types of workouts although their training requirement is different. Hence its important for women to undergo fitness training for weight loss purposes and also to lead a healthy lifestyle and body. Fitness training shapes your body and provides an excellent physique which makes you look more attractive than others and improves your confidence.

Apart from including cardiovascular exercises, their training should also include other types of exercises for muscles and abs. Fitness training should also be followed regularly by women in order to achieve their desired weight and to be fit. You will definitely experience tiredness on your muscle during the first time of your training and it means that your workout is effective. This would be the beginning of a new life for you and so start your fitness training and find the changes on your body.

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Cancer Smart Bomb Discovered from Crocus Flower

Scientists from the UK have figured out a way to turn chemicals found in the crocus flower which blooms throughout the UK into a ‘smart bomb’ of sorts when it comes to a new cancer medication. This new treatment may potentially create a drug that is capable of targeting cancerous tumors, such as associated with breast, colon, lung and prostate, without causing any side effects.

The researchers, led by Professor Laurence Patterson, have found a way around the toxic nature of the chemical when it comes to healthy tissue in the body and determined a way to focus the toxicity towards the cancerous tumor. By attaching a chemical 'tail' to the colchicine molecule, the researchers have been able to deactivate the toxic properties until it reaches the targeted cancer. Cancer tumors contain an enzyme called MMP and this enzyme effectively removes the ‘tail’ and activates the colchicine. Once activated, the colchicine goes into action breaking up the blood vessels that feed the tumor and essential starve it. Because the drug is activated in the tumor, it does not affect outside tissue and no side effects have been noted.

In mice testing, all mice have responded to the treatment and in as many as half of the studies, the mice appeared cured of the cancer. The drug is effective toward cancers that produce tumors and the researchers have tested breast, colon, lung, prostate and sarcoma tumors at this point.

The researchers hope that if the clinical trials prove successful, a new drug could be available within the next six to seven years.

Orange Corn holds Guarantee for Reducing Blindness and Child Death

Decreasing or increasing the function of a newly discovered gene in corn may increase vitamin A content and have significant implications for reducing childhood blindness and mortality rates, according to a Purdue University-led study.

Torbert Rocheford, the Patterson Endowed Chair of Translational Genomics and professor of agronomy at Purdue, led the study that made findings in yellow and particularly orange corn, a type he said likely originated in the Caribbean and is popular in some Asian and South American countries as well as in northern Italy.

The orange color comes from relatively higher levels of carotenoids, one of which is beta-carotene. Humans convert beta-carotene, which also is abundant in carrots, into vitamin A during digestion.

Between 250,000 and 500,000 children -- mostly in Africa and Southeast Asia -- go blind each year because of vitamin A deficiency, according to the World Health Organization. Half of those children will die within a year of going blind. Rocheford said increasing beta-carotene levels in cereal grains, such as corn, is an economical approach to addressing these deficiencies in developing countries.

Through a process known as hydroxylation, beta-carotene is converted into other carotenoids that can cut the amount of pro-vitamin A that is created through digestion in half, or eliminate it altogether.

Cardiovascular Exercises


Your cardiovascular system consists of your organs lung, heart and circulation, especially the veins, arteries and capillaries. His job is to keep your body with vital oxygen supplies. As your need for oxygen increases when you exercise, for example, your cardiovascular system to work harder than normal. Repeated bouts of cardiovascular exercise lead to increased cardiovascular fitness. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, you must prepare for at least 20 minutes three times a week to improve your cardiovascular health. You can ask a series of exercises and activities to benefit your cardiovascular system.


Swimming is a low impact exercise that can improve your cardiovascular health. Because the water supports the body weight, swimming is really good if you lower limb or spinal injuries or are very overweight. Some athletes find that high impact exercises like jogging uncomfortable and less enjoyable. To get a good workout from swimming, you must be a competent swimmer, such as heart and circulatory benefits, the possibility of activity of your choice for 20 minutes or more lead to the request at a time. This means that you should be able to swim with an energy-efficient clock and go for 20 minutes or more without stopping.


Whether inside the bike on a stationary bike, or out for pleasure or transportation, this popular form of exercise will strengthen your leg muscles to develop your cardiovascular fitness. Many gyms offer group exercise classes that involve cycling. Such as swimming, cycling is a low impact exercise, less stress on the knees, hips and ankles than jogging or running. If you choose to cycle outside, take precautions to ensure that you are as safe as possible. Wear a bike helmet and clothing visible at all times and make sure your bike is road worthy.

Power walking

Market power must be transported to the exercise, as opposed to walking. Not to be confused to be confused with the marchers, walking is competitive and your cardiovascular system provides an effective workout. Power Walking for walking with a certain step length and at a rapid pace - with just to get into a jog. Most walkers to swing their arms vigorously and to maximize the effect of this exercise. You can increase the intensity of your workout power walk by wearing wrist weights, weight of the wrist, a weighted backpack, or a weight vest designed. Wear sturdy shoes and support for brisk walking, to minimize the risk of lower extremity injuries.


You can row with a rowing machine indoors or outdoors in a variety of types of boats. Rowing uses all major muscle groups and provides training hard, but enjoyable. A good rowing technique involves the coordination of the arms and legs. If you do not paddle with the right arm and leg action, you can hurt your lower back. If you do not know how to properly and are safe series, and seek advice from a professional fitness instructor or rowing rather run the risk of a potentially serious back injury.

Cross-Trainer Cross trainers come in a variety of styles, and combine a lower-stage body or skiing action with a push and pull the arm alternates. Cross trainers are low impact and are very dasy to use and easy to row, however, there are no special techniques to master. While most gyms cross-trainer, there are models specifically for home use. Home Use Cross-trainers are generally not as robust as the commercial versions, but are generally much cheaper and easier. Cross trainers offer a workout with low impact your cardiovascular system and muscles, all of your challenges.

Diseases Caused by Unhealthy Soft Drinks

You buff soft drinks? From now on be careful. You should know that to keep behind a refreshing taste, soft drinks, a serious danger to the body.

What are the dangers of soft drinks?

Threatening kidney

U.S. research on the dangers of the 3256th They regularly consume soft drinks at least 2 times a day. The result has been suffering as much as 30% of respondents kidney damage and decreased function.

According to experts, it is associated with the content of soft drinks, namely, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, caffeine and phosphoric acid.

Increase the risk of diabetes

People with diabetes to consume sugar, is strictly prohibited. This is because the hormone insulin in the body is not enough, not even able to convert these sugars into the muscle sugar (glycogen). As a result, blood sugar (glucose) is increased and dangerous.

Remember, diabetes is a disease, other diseases that can cause damage such as stroke and cardiovascular disease. If you drink lots of alcohol, in addition to possibly lead to diabetes, stroke, and may produce cardiovascular damage. Note that diabetes occurs not only because of inheritance. People who come to normal could have diabetes.

Increased risk of obesity

Soft drinks are high in calories. Calories that can enter the body increases the risk of obesity. Not only for people who are adults, children can suffer from obesity.

In the U.S., childhood obesity is very high. One possible cause is soft drinks. Children in the United States consume soft drinks as a sip of water. After eating, they drink soda. As a result, many are suffering from obesity.

Remember, obesity is one of the triggers for the emergence of other diseases. Diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular damage, and several other serious illnesses.

Increase the risk of brittle bones

The contents of a soda is phosphoric acid. In a study of phosphoric acid, it can cause diseases of bone fragility. This is because phosphoric acid can dissolve the calcium in the bones. As a result, bones become fragile and porous.

Harvard University has done research on this topic. They observed a teenage athletes who consume soft drinks and not to consume alcoholic beverages. As a result, teenage athletes had consumed soft drinks, a broken bone five times more teenagers than athletes who do not consume alcoholic beverages.

Increase the risk of pancreatic cancer

In a study in the United States, the content of soft drinks as one of the triggers of pancreatic cancer is expected. In this study, 87% of respondents, soft drinks consumed at least 2 times a day with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Search more than 60,524 respondents (alcoholic drink) are made for 14 years. As a result, the risk of pancreatic cancer 87%, visible through the symptoms.