Importance of Health Insurance

In those countries where medicine is not socialized, good health insurance can be the key to getting good health care. Those without it often put off seeing the doctor because of the expense involved. Things often get more serious and more costly to take care of than if they had gotten medical care sooner. Having private health insurance opens up your choices and makes decisions about your health much easier to make.
Health Insurance Coverage
Health insurance is meant to cover a variety of medical expenses. The following are covered under many policies, but since every policy is different, be sure to check with your health insurance agent or financial planner to see precisely what yours does and does not cover.

1- Hospitalizations
2- Surgeries
3- Physician Visits
4- Preventative Health Care
5- Laboratory Tests
6- Mental Health
7- Certain Medical Equipment
8- Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy
9- Prescription Drugs
10- Dental Care
11- Rehabilitation Costs
12- Vision Care

Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans:
If you are in the market for health insurance to guard you and your family, you should know that you can get health insurance in a number of several ways.

1. Individual Health Insurance is often used by people who do not have the choice of group coverage. It allows for a tailor-made policy that fits accurately what the person needs. This type of insurance is usually relatively cheap compared to a group plan. The cost of an individual health insurance plan will typically be about half the cost of a group health insurance plan for the same benefit total.

2. Group Health Insurance from an Employer is a much more affordable type of health insurance only when your employer will pay for most or the entire premium (which many employers will do). Because premiums are based on the group as entire, the risk is spread out over many people. These policies are often the most expensive and the most accepted type of private health coverage. One of the benefits to group health insurance coverage is that one cannot typically be denied coverage due to pre existing conditions or other health problems. There may sometimes be a waiting period if one has not maintained continuous coverage but everybody will accept.

3. Group Health Insurance From A Non Employer Group is another option to think for obtaining health coverage. For those who have no policy available through work or an inadequate one, group rates can be getting from church groups, professional and business associations such as a Chamber of Commerce. This can help you obtain health insurance if you are unable to obtain an individual health insurance policy due to your health.

4. Short Term Health Insurance is a plan that as it’s name implies only offers coverage for a short amount of time, usually anywhere from 1 month to 1 year (although some short term plans offer coverage up to 3 years). Although short term health insurance plans are typically very cheap; they are also typically very bare bones coverage and should never be relied upon as a long term solution to finding reasonable health insurance coverage.

5. Student Health Insurance is habitually either a temporary health insurance plan offered through the university or college and may sometimes be available through a private insurance company.