Prevent Lower Back Injuries

Most of us have suffered through at least one bout of low back pain in the course of our lifetime. The occurrence is alarmingly quite high, affecting approximately 60-80% of the adult population. In fact, physicians report that low back pain is so prevalent; it is second in medical visits to the common cold. The majority of LBP can be classified as mechanical; including problems affecting the many joints, discs, ligaments and muscles of the spine.

Include a proper warm-up
The benefits of injecting a warm-up prior to engaging in vigorous exercise are numerous. This preparatory exercise or movement helps protect against injury by improving the flexibility of the muscles. In general, the warm-up activity should last approximately 5-15 minutes with the focus on raising the total body temperature and muscles.

Build a strong core
There is an abundance of research to support the incorporation of a core specific programme into a regular training regime in order to prevent lower back injuries. Exercises specifically designed to challenge and activate the local stabilizers as well as the spinal extensors (erector spinae) are critical in preventing episodes of lower back pain.

Stay active
Maintaining a regular fitness regime will help in the prevention of lower back injuries. As exercise will strengthen and balance the muscles that assist in maintaining upright posture, performing them regularly is essential.