Blushing Definition- Cures and Treatments

What is blushing?
Blushing is a natural, involuntary reaction of the body in situations of anxiety or embarrassment, and it's often accompanied by sweating, mild to severe discomfort, and/or an inability to keep eye contact. Everyone blushes from time to time, but for some people it occurs too often, and becomes a key source of discomfort.
Blushing Facial Treatments Therapy:-

Surgical facial blushing Treatments; Drug Treatments; Psychological Treatment

Surgical facial blushing Treatments:-
ETS was one of the expected treatments for blushing, was responsible for diminished facial blushing with patients who applied it for palmar hyperhidrosis treatments. It isn't such a useful alternative for this particular condition. The compensatory sweat levels it acquires and the lot of fallouts are strong points against using ETS for facial blushing treatments.

Drug treatments:-
Robinol, Ditropan and Propanthelin together with a series of anticholinergic drugs are good choices for facial redness and excessive blushing. This offer more conservative approach. It can provide patients with good results. Some choose to combine the blushing treatment with drugs like Xanax. Other treatment methods may include bio feedback, although this has not been proven to be very effective. Anxiety medications, Beta-blockers and Clonidine are also used in facial blushing treatments.

Psychological Treatment:-
Continual facial blushing is such a painful cycle as you can blush just at the thought of the possibility and when you do blush you will bluish even more as soon as you know others notice it. It has been proven over and over that problem blushing is a mental issue; because it is triggered internally, most if not all external treatments don't work in the long term and simply delay and hide the real cause