Cycling for better Health

Cycling is very enjoyable activity and beneficial for health and fitness,
Cycling Health Benefits:-

(1) First of all, Cycling is what's known as 'aerobic' exercise, improves the consumption of oxygen in the body. Increase heart rate and get us to breath heavily but not out of breath.

(2) This aerobic activity can burn up to 300 calories per 30 minutes. It’s really very effective in reducing depression and stress, boost confidence and leave with a high self esteem.

(3) Increase blood circulation and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

(4) Cycling on a daily basis will help minimize all of these heath issues whilst lengthening your lifespan at the same time. The physical benefits of cycling and the improvement to your health far out way the reasons for not doing so on a daily basis and should be looked at seriously to maintain a healthy life.

Cycling Risk Factors:-
But also we have to prepare our self to prevent serious injury from cycling; to reduce the risk of serious injury is to use helmets.
Cyclist training is also extremely important, and acquiring knowledge on how to maintain your cycle is equally as important as learning how to ride in heavy traffic conditions. Defective breaks and low tyre pressure can quite often lead to accidents, and it is important that your cycle is in a road-worthy condition at all times.
"Training helps you to be confident in traffic and adopt a road position where you can be seen, communicate clearly with other road users and be aware of traffic movements”