Diseases Caused by Unhealthy Soft Drinks

You buff soft drinks? From now on be careful. You should know that to keep behind a refreshing taste, soft drinks, a serious danger to the body.

What are the dangers of soft drinks?

Threatening kidney

U.S. research on the dangers of the 3256th They regularly consume soft drinks at least 2 times a day. The result has been suffering as much as 30% of respondents kidney damage and decreased function.

According to experts, it is associated with the content of soft drinks, namely, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, caffeine and phosphoric acid.

Increase the risk of diabetes

People with diabetes to consume sugar, is strictly prohibited. This is because the hormone insulin in the body is not enough, not even able to convert these sugars into the muscle sugar (glycogen). As a result, blood sugar (glucose) is increased and dangerous.

Remember, diabetes is a disease, other diseases that can cause damage such as stroke and cardiovascular disease. If you drink lots of alcohol, in addition to possibly lead to diabetes, stroke, and may produce cardiovascular damage. Note that diabetes occurs not only because of inheritance. People who come to normal could have diabetes.

Increased risk of obesity

Soft drinks are high in calories. Calories that can enter the body increases the risk of obesity. Not only for people who are adults, children can suffer from obesity.

In the U.S., childhood obesity is very high. One possible cause is soft drinks. Children in the United States consume soft drinks as a sip of water. After eating, they drink soda. As a result, many are suffering from obesity.

Remember, obesity is one of the triggers for the emergence of other diseases. Diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular damage, and several other serious illnesses.

Increase the risk of brittle bones

The contents of a soda is phosphoric acid. In a study of phosphoric acid, it can cause diseases of bone fragility. This is because phosphoric acid can dissolve the calcium in the bones. As a result, bones become fragile and porous.

Harvard University has done research on this topic. They observed a teenage athletes who consume soft drinks and not to consume alcoholic beverages. As a result, teenage athletes had consumed soft drinks, a broken bone five times more teenagers than athletes who do not consume alcoholic beverages.

Increase the risk of pancreatic cancer

In a study in the United States, the content of soft drinks as one of the triggers of pancreatic cancer is expected. In this study, 87% of respondents, soft drinks consumed at least 2 times a day with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Search more than 60,524 respondents (alcoholic drink) are made for 14 years. As a result, the risk of pancreatic cancer 87%, visible through the symptoms.