Ovarian Cancer Stages,Symptoms,Causes

Cancer of the ovaries is known as ovarian cancer.Ovarian cancer is a condition that develops when the ovary cells start to grow in a rapid and uncontrollable way. This then leads to the formation of a cancerous tumor which can have a number of undesirable side effects including constipation and stomach pain. It is most prevalent in women aged 50 years and older and is very rare in young women.

The main risk factors of this type of Cancer is that “a personal or family history of cancer, age over 55, older women with no history of pregnancy, and a history of prolonged estrogen treatment”.
Common symptoms include a swollen or bloated abdomen; pressure or pain in the abdomen, pelvis, back or legs; nausea, indigestion, gas, constipation or diarrhea; and feeling very tired all the time.

If we ever experience any type of the following problems then,we have to step up to cure this disease.

(1) Bloating, abdominal swelling or loss of appetite
(2) Fatigue, indigestion or heartburn
(3) A change in toilet habit or unexplained weight change
(4) Constipation or diarrhea
(5) Abdominal or back pain
(6) Irregular vaginal bleeding
(7) Pain with intercourse or poor bladder control

The Main Risk Factors of Ovarian Cancer :-

(1) Increasing age. Around 80% of cases occur in women over 50.
(2) A family history of ovarian, bowel, breast or uterine cancer.
(3) Having never been pregnant or having had few pregnancies.
(4) Having never taken the Pill.

(5) Having had endometriosis.
(6) Being overweight.
(7) Having multiple exposures to fertility drugs.
(8) Being of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

(9) Genital contact with talc or asbestos.

Surgery and Chemotherapy, and rarely radiation therapy, are the standard line of treatment for Ovarian Cancer this condition.