Vitiligo(Leucoderma) Skin Disorder,Treatments,Cure,Symptoms

There are many types of skin disorders occurs, Leucoderma which is also one of the another type of skin disorder which refers to the whitening of the skin.This is a condition in which there is a localized loss of the skin's pigmentation.
There is another well known name of this disease is “vitiligo”.

Leucoderma manifests itself as white patches, or depigmentation, on their skin, and these patches are more commonly seen in sun-exposed areas, which includes the hands, feet, arms, face, and lips.

Other areas of the body where this is commonly seen are the armpits and groin, the area around the mouth, eyes, nostrils, navel, and genitals as well.

Leucoderma (vitiligo) Symptoms :-

This skin disorder spreads slow and progressive.

At Very First as this disease symptoms,it starts with one small white spot and after it will develops into patches.These patches are pale in the beginning but become whiter and whiter as time passes due to loss of pigment.As spots enlarge, they merge into each other and, in course of time, form a very broad patch. In some cases, most of the skin of the body may be covered with white patches. Symmetrical appearance on both the sides of the body is common. In rare cases one finds vitiligo spreading all over the body.

Herbal And Home Remedies for Leucoderma (vitiligo) :-

The patient need to be strictly kept on a salt-free diet, as the absence of salt in the diet helps to quicken the recovery period.

To eat vegetables a specially which have bitter taste.

To avoid excessive exposure to the sun and heat, as well as avoid too much mental and physical stress.

“Psoralea Seeds”, which is one of the natural ingredients is really very helpful to treat this skin disorder.

“Turmeric and Mustard Oil”, “Radish Seeds and Vinegar”,”Psoralea and Tamarind seeds” have also been found to be effective in treating this skin disorder.

Just make a habit to drink fruit or vegetable juice regularly, and later adopt a diet consisting f fresh fruits, steamed vegetables and whole meal bread, to ensure quick recovery and complete healing of the white patches.