Chest Breathing Exercises for better Health

Sometimes after doing some tasks you may have questions that "I feel stressed?

Most of us at one point to another, but if there is a regular event, they begin an adverse effect on our health. Breathing exercise is a powerful antidote to such feelings, but the dilemma is that our life today, it may be difficult to find time to be fit in
This type of breathing, which is called the costal breathing or chest, divided by a foreigner, the upward movement of the chest wall. focused on expanding thoracic breathing in the middle and make the central part of the lung relaxes the most.

Since the lower part of pulmonary blood supply is most abundant, we described the ventilation-perfusion mismatch above. Thus, during periods of rest thoracic breathing is less effective.

thoracic breathing technique is useful in heavy aerobic, but it is quite unworthy of ordinary, everyday activities. As part of the fight or flight occurs when the person is aroused by external or internal challenges and dangers. Following thoracic breathing is probably related to other arousal symptoms such as anxiety and tension related.

thoracic breathing exercises need to work harder to lift the chest, so that the body work harder to achieve in the gas mixture in the very blood of diaphragmatic breathing, and more work, the greatest need, the amount of oxygen, the results of regular respiration

As there is a union between breath and spirit, thoracic breathing, so it must be continued during periods of rest, which causes tension and anxiety, creating a vicious circle.

With the chest to breathe the breath is probably flat, hesitant and suddenly, leading to uncertainty in the minds and emotions. Until replaced by deep breathing chest, even and steady abdominal breathing is to relax all the efforts made by the body, nerves and spirit will no longer be valid.