Treatments for Eczema

It can be treated for the temporary relief of symptoms of eczema in applications of the skin. If the exudation is suppressed, another more serious disease develop. The best way is to treat eczema, to purify the blood and body.

Treatment should begin with a quick orange juice and water, depending on the severity and duration of the sentence. Juice fasting is the elimination of toxic waste from the body and lead to a significant improvement. In some cases, the condition in the initial phase of fasting due to the increased elimination of waste through the skin to deteriorate. But as fasting continues, improvement occurs.

The carrot and melon are particularly beneficial. Coconut oil can be used instead of butter. Fruit, vegetable salt free, raw or steamed with whole grain bread or chapattis may be taken after the juice fast. After a few days, curd and milk are added to food. The patient can then gradually to a balanced diet of three basic food groups, namely, to embark (i) seeds, nuts and grains (ii) vegetables and (iii) fruits. The proportion of the diet should include raw food. Seeds and beans such as mung, alfalfa and soybeans can be sprouted.

This plan can be supplemented with cold-pressed vegetable oils, honey and yeast. Juice fasting at intervals of about two months can be repeated, depending on the progress made in chronic and difficult cases of eczema, patient should fast at least once a week until he is cured.