How to Improve Fertility

Very complex, the role of men in the process of babies. Men are not the only function is to produce sperm, but most of the sperm have to go in the right direction in the woman's vagina and uterus. When the survivors arrived there, the sperm must be strong enough to swim into the fallopian tubes (tubes) and met with the egg.
In general, the propagation is normal. If you want a downhill, assume that your system works well in terms of reproduction. Possibility of sexual relations, once a pregnancy or are waiting for years to get a descent. For married couples, it takes several steps to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Design requires a healthy sperm. Definition of a healthy sperm is in perfect shape, perky and has a fast movement. You need at least 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen (seminal fluid, the liquid that comes out during ejaculation). If the movement of sperm or the form is incomplete or swim against the wrong direction, then the difficulties and failures in design.

Testicular sperm production, the low temperature, suitable conditions for the development of sperm. In the normal body temperature is too high for sperm to develop normally.

During intercourse, the penis during ejaculation of semen on. Sperm is only a small part of the seed, but in one ejaculation, sperm can reach a quarter of a billion billion. Each sperm has a long tail to facilitate forward movement. Although the number of billions of sperm could be produced, only 200 or less are able to reach the egg in the fallopian tube. And usually only those who fertilize the eggs.

If you want a baby, you need a healthy body and the sperm that has fast movements. If you have problems with inheritance, you can use the following tips as they appear in the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

Improved fertility
The temperatures are cool to produce healthy sperm, testicular temperature must be colder than normal body temperature. For the testicles scrotum why he was created to hang outside the body. To maximize the quality and quantity of sperm, avoid saunas and steam bath or hot bath.

No smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of infertility and erectile dysfunction in men. The sperm of male smokers, one or two packs of cigarettes a day can cause breathing problems for your baby to spend. If you do not want your child's breathing, now is the right time to stop damage.

Healthy living, adequate rest and minimize stress. A healthy diet and regular diet, adequate rest and stress to minimize the production of hormones that influence the development of sperm and testosterone production in the testes.

Stay away from alcohol and drugs. Alcohol affects the quality and quantity of sperm reduce the production of testosterone and was padadisfungsi erection. Drug abuse was the density and the ability of sperm movement and increase the number of abnormal sperm. Besides causing loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.

Avoid toxic substances. Avoid contact with toxic chemicals and inhaling the smell of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, paints, varnishes, wood, glue, and heavy metals.

Consultations with doctors prescribed medications to be drunk. Some prescription drugs for the treatment of a disease is to slow down sperm production. Consult a physician before receiving a prescription drug. Chemotherapy or radiation can cause temporary or permanent infertility. If you have to undergo this procedure, see your doctor for the best solution.