Effective Fat Burning Workouts for all Ages

Weight Gain nightmare always starts from belly, while weight loss success also starts there. There is a scientific saying that "fat people gain belly fat first". It's always easier to attack an enemy's weak point and the same thing applies here too. Your abdomen should be your first target to lose weight.

There are three categories of fat in our body:

1. Blood fat

2. Subcutaneous fat

3. Omentum fat

Omentum fat is the reason for the increasing waistline because it's closer to the stomach and other organs. Since its closer, the excess fat is always supplied to Omentum fat. Apart from changing our body shape, it also affects our stomach, lungs, heart and other organs. That is the reason that most of the health professionals advice us to manage our middle section. Omentum fat starts reducing once we start losing weight.

Aerobic exercise and sit-ups would be the best combination to get rid of Omentum fat. Sit-ups helps to reduce your abdominal muscles and produce a sexy stomach. Some might think that in order to reduce weight, we need to do fat burning workouts. So the perfect approach would be a combination of sit-ups + aerobic exercise. Sit-ups strengthens your abdominal muscles, increases flexibility and improve your posture. Aerobic exercise is one of the best fat burning

workouts that burns lots of calories and reduces fat. Some other fat burning workouts are:

Table Tennis: The swing motion of racket is driven by the waist and abdominal muscles, which burns 192 calories every 30 minutes.

Yoga: Yoga posture shapes your back and abdominal muscles, burns 200 calories every 30 minutes.

Taekwondo: Taekwondo kicks helps you shed waist and abdominal fat, burns 312 calories every 30 minutes.

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