Causes of High Blood Pressure

The causes of high blood pressure - there are several things a person has high blood pressure. There are factors to high blood pressure, which can not be controlled. It is also, you can control, so that it can cope with the disease pressure. Some of these factors, among others, due to heredity, age, food intake, and so on.


This factor can not control. If a parent or relative of someone who has high blood pressure, then it is likely that he suffered from high blood pressure is higher. Statistics show that the problem of high blood pressure is not higher for identical twins are twins as identical. One study showed that this derivative evidence of a gene for high blood pressure problems.


This factor can not control. Research shows that age increases a person's blood pressure rises. We can not expect your blood pressure is the same when I was younger as you age. But you can control to get there, not the upper limit of normal.


These factors you can control. Salt can increase blood pressure quickly and some people, especially diabetics, people with mild hypertension, people with old age, and those who were black.


These factors you can control. Excess fat in the blood can cause cholesterol deposits in artery walls. This can constrict blood vessels and increases blood pressure. Take control of your cholesterol levels as soon as possible.


These factors you can control. The caffeine in coffee drinks, tea or cola can cause high blood pressure.

Obesity / overweight

These factors you can control. People who weigh more than 30 percent of ideal body weight are likely to suffer from high blood pressure.


These factors you can control. Stress and emotions are not stable conditions can also cause hypertension.


These factors you can control. Smoking can also raise blood pressure is high. Smoking can increase the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Therefore, the habit of smoking, to continue if it has high blood pressure continues to be a very dangerous combination, the disease that causes heart and blood.


These factors you can control. Excessive alcohol consumption also causes high blood pressure.

Poor Sport

These factors you can control. Lack of exercise and movement, blood pressure increases in the body. Regular exercise can make your blood pressure, but do not do vigorous exercise if you have high blood pressure.