Snoring Causes-Snoring Symptoms

Snoring is a kind of sleeping disorder.

Snoring is very common and is an involuntary action on the behalf of the snorer. It is a respiratory structured vibration and it results in sound.This condition is caused due to obstructed air movement in breathing process and it happens while sleeping. It is a condition that affects about 20% people throughout the world.
A body has to work hard as compare to other to suck air into the lungs and it can cause the tissue in the back of the throat to vibrate excessively like a wind instrument, whenever this wind instrument makes a sound it results to snoring.
A study concludes that 30% of women and 45% of men snores.Almost half of all adults snore occasionally and around one quarter of adults snore frequently.Children may also be the victims of snoring.Although males and females alike can experience snoring, it is more common in males and overweight persons.Additionally, snoring usually grows worse as the snorer gets older.
Snoring is caused when the flow of air in the nasal passages and mouth are blocked or obstructed.Snoring usually occurs right before a person enters deep sleep.
At this phase, the muscles in the throat, tongue and soft palate relax.If they relax enough, they block the airway and vibrate together, causing the snoring sound that we all know.
Louder snoring occurs when the air passages are narrower, which causes the tissues to vibrate together more and the passage of air to become more vigorous, in turn resulting in louder snoring.Snoring may also be caused by a medical condition called sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea is more than just a form of snoring.With sleep apnea, the throat tissues block the air passages, preventing a person from breathing.Eventually the person wakes up with a start due to lack of air.This condition may continue throughout the night.

Important things about Snoring:-
A person who is caused by snoring should sleep on its side in spite of sleeping on its back.
A diet which is helpful in lose weight should be taken for avoiding snoring.
If you elevate your head and torso then it will prove helpful in minimizing snoring.
Alcohol, cigarettes, sedatives and antihistamines should be avoided.
Practice of Paranayam daily will be helpful in getting rid of snoring as this particular kind of yoga clears your nasal passage and helps you sleep well.

Causes of Snoring:-
Whenever we breathe, the air flows in and out through nose and mouth and produces sound.
When we exercise the air moves more quickly and thus produces more sounds.
When we sleep the area that is at the back of throat sometimes narrows and the amount of passing through this can cause the tissues surrounding the opening to vibrate, then it can cause the snoring.
Different people who snore may have various reasons for the narrowing of the area at the back of the throat.
The narrowing can be in the nose, mouth, or throat.