Yoga Benefits

(1) Our Breathing Capacity :-

Yoga is one of the best activity in exercise terms to increase our breathing capacity.Yoga focuses on the complete breathing.

We focus on the inhalation but fail to ever completely exhale. Without completing the exhale breathing is not complete.

Yoga provides opportunities to send oxygen to all the body breath capacity is enlarged.

Instead of just the rib cage enjoying the gentle inhale and exhale breath is sent to the diaphragm, the inter costals and the clavicle.

As oxygen allows the lungs to expand in a full three dimensional fashion muscle tension and joint compression is released allowing the body to find comfort in better alignment.

(2) For Holistic Health :-

Yoga focuses on the mind, body and spirit as one.

Our Today’s busy schedules and deadlines to meet our minds are working over time leaving little thought to the rest of our holistic self.

If there is a holistic imbalance eventually it will manifest itself through emotional trauma, physical injury or chronic problems.

Yoga provides opportunities that encourage people to focus on the moment.

When performing a yoga pose one is focused on the spatial pulls and the dynamic forces throughout their body, this focus while maintaining their breathing which supports their movement and add stability.

By taking the time to focus on bringing the mind, body and spirit together one will be energized and have an increased awareness of their abilities and potential in the world.

(3) Flexibility :-

Sitting on chairs, in a car, on the coach, at a computer desk or at a table leave some muscles are in a permanent state of flexion.

This presents issues of muscular tightness and tension which lessens the flexibility of the joints.

Increased flexibility really can improves a persons overall health by decreasing joint discomfort, by preventing immobility in later years and it provides greater efficiency to do everyday and exercise movements.

(4) Improvement in Many Important Factor of our Healthy Life Like,

Sleep,Alignment & Posture,Steadiness & Balance,Social Adjustments,Attention,Self-acceptance,Well Being.

(5) With the Help of Yoga,we can also increase Energy & Endurance & It is helpful in Weight Normalization.
(6) Heal Injuries :-

The increased agility and strength that you get from a regular Yoga practice can help you heal old injuries and can even help you prevent new ones.

Many people that suffer from pain caused by old injuries and have a hard time finding exercises that they can comfortably do find that Yoga is something they can do easily and without pain.

If you have had past injuries that make exercising difficult or painful try Yoga.

(7) For active athlete :-

If you are an active athlete in another sport, or if you want to be, then the stretching and strength training aspects of Yoga can help you become a better overall athlete. Many of the top athletes in the world practice Yoga to help them perform better in their chosen sport.

(8) After Pregnancy :-

If you've recently had a baby, lost a lot of weight, or have had another event in your life that drastically altered your body starting a regular Yoga practice that focuses on strength and agility can help you re-shape your body and create the type of body that you want.

(9) Stress :-

If you have a high stress job or if you're trying to balance a family and a career and you have a lot of stress in your life you're at risk for developing serious stress-related illnesses. Doing Yoga on a regular basis can help you mange your stress and reduce your risk of illness and feel better.